Everything You Need to Know About Chainsaws and Pole Saws before Buying Them


Chainsaws and pole saws are your friends if you want to clear out some branches and cut logs into chunks. These machines are made by steel. There are many types of chainsaws. Some are powered by gas, others are electrically operated, but the best is the battery operated chainsaw. These machines were reproduced with bunch of horse powers. There are pole saws that are as long as 7 feet. Some pole saws can reach up to 10 feet. There is a knob to adjust which can telescope out of the main pole and extend the length for another 3 feet. 

Most of the high quality chainsaws and pole saws are using a good quality bars. The chain must be of good quality as well. It should allow you to adjust the chain either to loosen it or tighten it a bit. Each saw must have a good blade guard not just to protect you but to protect the machine itself from destroying itself. The oil reservoir must have the capacity of about a quarter of a liter or more. Go for a brand that has a one year warranty. It should cover the repairs and replacement of parts or the replacement of the whole machine itself. Go for a machine that uses mix gasoline with 90% octane which is recommended as safer for use for these types of machines. 

Most of the good brands come with a wrench, an extra chain, an instruction manual and a replacement bar. It usually comes with an allen wrench which helps you adjust the bolts along the shaft. Most comes with safety glasses too.

A good chainsaw or pole saw has user friendly switches. Typically if you are holding it in front of you, the switch button forward is to turn it off and the switch button backwards is turn it on. It should have an accelerator like a gun which gives gas to the propeller. It also got two pumps on the primer and another switch as the 'choke'.

It should have safety measures like a good placement of the blade guard. It is advisable to use pole saws over battery powered chainsaw if you are reaching for higher branches. This is good because you don't need to use a ladder.

Make sure to try and test it yourself on a log before buying it. One simple tip here if you like the style and the sound of the machine while cutting a log then it means it is the best saw like a pole chain saw for you.

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