Things to Consider When Choosing Chainsaws and Pole Saws


One of the best tools everyone can have for their yard or carpentry shop is a saw. The traditional mechanical saw takes a lot of energy to operate. However, newer saws like the chainsaw and pole saw are now convenient to use as it can automatically cut lumber without too much effort from the user. Therefore, these new saws are very popular all over the world. A lot of people are familiar with the chainsaw. It used to be large automatic saw which uses fuel to cut trees and lumber. On the other hand, pole saw is just gaining popularity over the past couple of years. Its main use is cut branches or tree top without cutting down the whole tree. If you are planning to buy a chainsaw and pole saw like battery chainsaw, here are the things you have to consider.

1.Use - If you are planning to get a chainsaw for carpentry works, you have to consider smaller chainsaws. However, if you want to handle large lumber jobs like cutting big trees, you definitely need a bigger chainsaw. On the other hand, most pole saws are compatible to cut the branches of all kinds of trees.

2.Power - Some chainsaws and pole saws like gas operated chainsaw have minimum power just good enough for minor or light jobs. On the other hand, there are also chainsaws and pole saws which can handle heavier jobs like cutting large trees. You need to get a chainsaw or pole saw which has enough power to tackle your regular lumber or carpentry jobs.

3.Reach - The length of the chainsaw differs. Some are shorter while others are longer. If you are cutting large trees or deep ice above the lake, you may want to get a longer chainsaw. You do not want to have a short chainsaw where you have to do more work just to cut the trees or ice. For the pole saw, you want to consider its length especially on how high it can reach. It must be long enough to reach the branches of the trees in your yard.

4.Energy source - Nowadays, you can get battery operated chainsaw aside from the gas operated chainsaw. You need to select which energy source you have sufficient supply in your area. Mostly, you can get electric pole saw from the hardware store.

5.Cost - Some chainsaws and pole saws are cheap while others are expensive. Look for a chainsaw or pole saw with a price that you can afford with your current budget.

Now go get your chainsaw or pole saw.

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